Micki Murphy


Who is Micki Murphy? Micki was born in Stuttgart, Germany. Her father was a pilot in the American Army, and her mother was a jazz singer, thus exposing Micki to music in her youngest years, she was born to sing. She began singing publically in her teens. Micki has been dubbed the Chameleon because of her ability to sing such a wide range of musical styles including: jazz, r&b, soul, hip-hop, pop, raggae, blues, a Motown review, show tunes, as well as star impersonations including: Tina Turner, Diana Ross, and Donna Summers.


Micki received notoriety performing in many local groups in Houston, Texas, when nationally known Singer/Entertainer/Dancer Dwight Smith discovered her. He needed a female singer for and international tour in Japan, thus: Fire & Desire was formed, The Dynamic Duo, (as they were called) with their elaborate costumes, dance routines, and dramatic duets, made for and explosive and powerful performance. They toured throughout Yokohama, Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, and Kyoto. They became quite popular, and even performed for the grand opening of the famed Blue Note jazz club in Yokohama. They went on to perform in Singapore, Korea, and Hong Kong, for the grand opening of the New China Max club. They received so much notoriety that they were interviewed on the local radio station as well as a 2 page right up in the Hong Kong Causeway bay news paper.  













Upon her return to the US, Micki moved to Las Vegas, Nevada and was hired to perform in many local vocal groups, such as Essence:  the sexy female trio.  They were akin to the Supremes, for their smooth vocal harmonies, and dance routines, performing in hotel casinos, locally for 3 years.

Sonny Turner, former lead singer for the original Platters, hired Micki. She toured with The Platters throughout the US and internationally in showrooms, arenas, and concert halls for over 5 years.    

















During her tours with The Platters Micki met record producer, Clayton McGonicle of A-Tunes Records. Mr. McGonicle was so

Impressed with Micki’s vocal control, power, and versatility that he produced her CD titled: In My Mind, in which Micki wrote and coproduced 3 of the titled tracks.

















In My Mind is available on Itunes, CDbaby, Soundclick, MTV discography, Amazon, and CD Universe, as well as many other online sites.





Micki concentrated her efforts on putting together her own show and has become a well known sought after artist in the Las Vegas hotel and nightclub circuit and throughout the west coast. In 2008 Micki received recognition for her accomplishments throughout the US and abroad from the BMA (Black Music Awards) at their annual awards show and was the winner of “The Ambassador of Soul” award. Local radio stations and entertainment magazines promote Micki’s local performances.

















Micki’s talent has taken her around the world and she has been asked to perform for grand openings of hotel and nightclubs venues throughout Asia such as: Blue Note-Yokohama, The Underground-Osaka, New China Max-Hong Kong, CJW-Beijing, CJW-Shenzhen, The Pink Club-Beijing, Wanda Vista Hotel-Changsha, and Cheval Blanc Resort-Maldives. This is due to her high energy, versatility, and stage presents. Micki has been invited for repeat performances from some of Asia’s top venues such as: Brown Sugar jazz club in Taipei, Taiwan, and she performs yearly at CJW in Beijing and Shanghai, China. Mr. Marc Vincent, President of Sennheiser, the leading international microphone and sound production company also indorsed her as one of their premier vocalist.  






The president of Sennheiser Sound Systems, Mr. Marc Vincent, endorses Micki

Tina Turner Star impersonation show: Holiday Bowl, San Diego, CA: half time show for over 70,000.00 People

Studio Recording Cessions: Whitney Houston, John Legend, Gladis Knight, India Arie, Toni Braxton, Stevie Wonder (and others)

Concert performances Opening Act for: Chaka Khan, Bobby Bluebland, Temptations, Frankie Valley, James Brown, Ruby Wilson

Backup Vocals: Billy Paul, James Brown, Chaka Khan,

Beijing 2008 Olympics Infomercial: Cjw was only one of two nightclubs chosen by the Governor, featuring Mickis’s cameo live performance, which aired in over 200 countries





















In addition to Micki’s many talents she is also a published author of fictionalized romance novel titled: Fire & Desire, which has received critical acclaim and is available through: Amazon, EBay, Booktopia, Talkalot books, Book club, and countless other online book stores worldwide.







For more information please visit Micki’s web site at: http://www.mickimurphy.com

Beijing Cell:      86-13671517712

International:  001-702-561-6565

Skype:                micki.murphy

Emails:  [email protected] or [email protected]

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