Fire & Desire is a gritty urban fictionalized romance novel based on a TRUE STORY, full of intrigue, steamy passion, lust, jealousy, and MURDER.


Fire & Desire is published and available in Borders Bookstores as well as most online bookstores worldwide.


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INTRODUCING: Fire & Desire                                                           by: Micki Murphy

Micki Murphy

Dance music, pop & r&b                 live clips 2013

              Besame Mucho - CJW

Micki as Tina Turner                          Tribute Show

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OLE SCHOOL R&B BY THE POOL, MAY 25, 2012  sponsored by FM Station 95.7 Las Vegas, Nevada USA

                 Someone like you

Live in Beijing at CJW, 2013                          

Sexy salsa

-Micki as Diana Ross

Almost like being in love

281221_xl Almost like being in love Besame Mucho Dance pop clips Someone like you R&B Dance promo Micki as Tina Turner Micki as Diana Ross Micki sings live jazz Sway CJW Commercial

CJW Commercial

Romeo & Juliet

New jazz promo video